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Hello everyone!

Here is an important update of what the next month will look like at Community Baptist.

My family and I will be taking vacation August 31 - September 14. Following our return, we will need to self-isolate until September 28th. However, things will continue to function as they have been over the last number of months as I work remotely during those two weeks of self-isolation.


Our main gathering event of the week will continue to be Wednesdays at 7 PM in the sanctuary. Please remember to bring a Bible as you spend time studying God’s Word and uniting in prayer. The Sunday Service “reruns” will not be taking place as it normally would at 6:15 PM during the month of September.


Please continue to set aside Sunday mornings at 10AM to join us for online worship through our Website, YouTube Channel, or Facebook Page. You are welcome to gather with others in homes and worship together. Starting in September, we’ll enjoy a three part series on how God speaks, after which we will return to our walk through the book of I Samuel.

Return to In-Person Sunday Worship

Plans are well underway to return to in-person Sunday morning Worship Services on October 4th. Everyone’s safety is of the utmost importance so please stay tuned for details about how this will happen. Plans may change, of course, if the pandemic situation changes on the Island. We are striving to implement a new livestream through our regular online presence for those who don’t feel comfortable meeting in person.

Praying God’s best for you in the coming weeks!

Pastor John